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Iceland's legendary Blue Lagoon

Millennials on the move

Next year’s dream holiday action for travellers between 18 and 35 vary from soaking in nature's own spa to tossing perfect pizzas. Youth travel brand Contiki polled more than 5 000 people about where they'd like to go in 2017 – and here are the results.

Here’s something you might not know (or mind find hard to believe) about the people of Iceland. When last asked some years ago, more than half said they believed elves and fairies might exist. This is serious business: last year a new road was built around a rock that might be an elf church.
  You can understand this whimsy from a country with 100 percent literacy – after all, Icelanders live in an almost magical ice landscape with the northern lights play in the sky during winter, hot water shoot out from deep under the ground and nature providing the ultimate skin regimen with the waters of the Blue Lagoon. The water stays at around 37 degrees Celsius and contains silica, algae and minerals.
  Bathing in the Blue Lagoon tops the list of what millennials and post-millennials want to do on their travels in 2017. They are looking for unique experiences that will create lasting memories.
  The heat-tolerant crowd might opt for the second most popular option, going to see the 5 000-year-old Great Pyramids of Giza. The modern city of Cairo might be creeping ever closer, but there is a sense of stepping into ancient history when you see the last surviving ancient wonder of the world up close.
  A mere 2 300 years old by comparison, but twice the length of the African continent, is the Great Wall of China. It was built from east to west across the historical northern borders of China and as recently as last year an extra ten kilometres of wall was discovered.
  Fourth on the list is a beach town. Byron Bay in New South Wales is known for stretches of sand, surfing, scuba diving and whale sightings from June to November. So why travel to the eastern point of Australia to visit a smallish seaside town? The secret is... the ambience, say the travel bloggers. The laid-back vibe.
  Rounding out the five most desirable holidays is visiting Italy to learn pizza-making from the locals. Hopefully the aspiring cooks will have time to take in some other Italian cultural classics as well.
  Check out the rest of the top 20 at Contiki’s site. Who knows, you might get some ideas.