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Uproar Wireless headphones

Down with the wire

Maybe it’s time to cut ties with your music device. Wireless headphones means no dangling cord when you’re on the move, one less cable cluttering your work area. Skullcandy is ready to clear your headspace, so we tried on their new Uproar Wireless for size.

Skullcandy is getting it just right with their earphones and headphones these days. The sets look good with sleek design and colours that add personality without being slavishly trendy.
  Their latest is a wireless Bluetooth range with less bulk and friendlier price tags than many other options.
  The Uproar Wireless is the entry level model. It comes out of the box with no frills – just the headphones and a USB micro cable for recharging. The fit is light – maybe a little tight at first, but easily adjustable without becoming too loose. On the left cup are a plus and minus button for volume and changing tracks. A third button takes care of playback, call management and pretty straightforward pairing, which Uproar picks up again automatically as it comes in range of your device.
  The buttons need a firm push, so you have to support the cup with spare fingers to get the job done. Not ideal, but nothing serious unless you’re constantly making adjustments. Depending on volume level, battery life is ten hours. The sound has a bass boost, but this isn’t an on-ear boom box, so no fears that your unplugged neo-folk will thump like head-bangers. Even at indecently loud levels there is no distortion.
  Bluetooth is a low-power transmission with a limited range and it can’t compete with a serious Wi-Fi or Hi-Fi setup. But that’s the purist talking. Uproar Wireless is a pleasure whether you’re out and about or working a laptop in your local coffee joint.
  The full range: Uproar Wireless (R899), Crusher Wireless (R2 599), Grind Wireless (R1 499), Hesh 2 Wireless (R1 599) and an earphone set, the Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless (R899). All are available from Luksbrands.